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Planning a Trip With Your Synagogue?

Synagogue travel is a wonderful way to bond with others in your synagogue community. Most importantly, it is an unrivaled way of enhancing understanding of the Jewish people and their history.

If your synagogue community is adventuresome (we suspect you are or you wouldn’t be reading about India or South Africa, and has already traveled to destinations like Israel or Europe, talk with us about our two favorite places in the world - India and South Africa.

It was India that helped us embrace the thousands of years of connections between Israel and the Jews of the early diasporas. The South African diaspora is different – starting with the first traders from Western Europe nearly 400 years ago. Did you know that the first Jews had to convert to be allowed to stay in Cape Town?

How to Take a New Look at the Diaspora

More photos: Click on white arrow below.

To get an idea about where your congregation might go, look at our sample India itinerary or our sample South Africa itinerary. Each is different. Either provides an unforgettable experience. Both are off the normally followed diaspora paths. 

​We will work with your group to design trips that are exciting and meaningful – with a length, itinerary, and price that fits your synagogue community and its culture. If you would like to integrate social projects into your experience, we like to do that, too.

We look forward to sharing our love for both countries and the myriad of Jewish historical sites and communities – and everything else they have to offer you and your congregation.

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