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Travel to places you never thought you’d go and ...
Learn about Jewish history in places you never imagined.

3000 Years of Jews in India ... the only place on the planet where Jews have always lived in peace.

•  Follow in the footsteps of Jews who first arrived as spice traders near Cochin 3000 years ago.
•  Stand on the beach where Jews shipwrecked near Mumbai 1000 years later.
•  Explore centuries old synagogues, neighborhoods and the serene waterways of the Kerala Backwaters.
•  Stand in awe of the breathtaking Taj Mahal, a tribute from an emperor to his Persian princess.
•  Visit the pink city of Jaipur, the beautiful capital of Delhi, and the bustling mega-city of Mumbai.
•  Experience exotic Rajasthan and mystical Varanasi...and more.

400 Years of Jews in South Africa ... see its awesome beauty. Learn about the Jewish role in the struggle against apartheid.

•  Fall in love with beautiful Cape Town, the mother city, and its wine lands; the diamond city of Kimberly; and the gold city of Johannesburg.

•  Follow historic routes of 19th Century Voortrekkers and Jewish traders – rarely experienced by tourists.

•  Discover the key role Jewish people played in the story of South Africa.
•  Trace the Struggle Against Apartheid – Robben Island, Soweto Township, Liliesleaf, the Constitution Court and the Apartheid Museum.
•  Participate in an archaeological dig to search for thousand year-old remains of the first men and women.
•  Track the big five through the bush in an historic South Africa game reserve, while staying in a classic tented camp. 

Learn about our India and South Africa itineraries.

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