Experience 3000 Years of Jewish India with Burkat Global

Picture yourself in India, the only place on the planet where Jews have always lived in peace.​

Visit the Taj Mahal to see the awesomely beautiful tribute of an emperor to his Persian princess.


Follow in the footsteps of Jews who first arrived as spice traders near Cochin 3000 years ago…and shipwrecked near Mumbai 1000 years later. Today you can still explore centuries old synagogues and neighborhoods. Board a private houseboat to travel the serene waterways of the Kerala Backwaters.


Visit the pink city of Jaipur, the beautiful capital of Delhi, and the bustling mega-city of Mumbai.


If time allows, even extend to exotic Khajuraho and mystical Varanasi and more.


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Iris and Howard Burkat

Why travel with Burkat Global?

Burkat Global is a family-run luxury tour company specializing in small group and independent travel. We offer unmatched amenities, visit places most people never get a chance to see and integrate 3000 years of Jewish history into the overall context of India. Iris and Howard plan every detail and oversee all aspects of your trip.


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