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Why travel with Burkat Global?

Iris and Howard Burkat’s tour 3000 Years of Jewish India grew out of many trips to India over more than 36 years, and one very special visit to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem and its Cochin synagogue installation. That installation sparked their interest in Jewish India.

They have traveled together and separately to more than 80 countries each. In 2014, Burkat Global was born out of their passion for travel and their professional marketing and services development experience in New York’s high-end travel, personal finance and entertainment industries.

There is nothing Howard and Iris like better than sharing their discoveries and excitement with other travelers. Between frequent visits to India, they recently returned from a fifth visit to South Africa, one lasting 14 months. They have a fascinating and beautiful tour to South Africa planned – to learn more, email Iris,


The Burkats lived and worked in NYC for many years before they had a son and moved to Westchester County. He, of course, lives in Brooklyn.

More about Iris

Iris developed travel and personal financial services and marketing programs for global corporations, governments, and nonprofits throughout her career. She holds a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from New York University. Her mother always begged her not to travel, but seized every opportunity to remind her that she began running away from home when she was two.

More about Howard

Howard has held senior marketing and communications positions at  major media companies. As a consultant, he has researched, analyzed, recommended and implemented communication programs for start-ups, government, and corporate clients throughout the world. Howard holds a BA from the University of Michigan and a Master’s Degree in Communications in a joint program of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School and the Wharton School.


Iris and Howard met on a Greyhound Bus and began traveling together soon after.

Your India Tour Directors: Joshua and Hanna

Meet Joshua Shapurkar, a Bene Israeli Jew, who was born and raised in Mumbai and has been a licensed tour guide for more than 26 years. Specializing in Jewish tours, he has worked with elite Jewish groups like the UJA, the Jewish Museum of New York, the JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) and more. In addition to being an expert on Jewish history and culture, he has in depth knowledge of Indian cultures, antiquity and religions.

Hanna Shapurkar, born in Mumbai, a Bene Israeli Jew. She often leads us in Mumbai.  Hanna has been a licensed tour guide more than 11 years, to rave reviews. 

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Iris and Howard Burkat

Why travel with Burkat Global?

Burkat Global is a family-run luxury tour company specializing in small group and independent travel. We offer unmatched amenities, visit places most people never get a chance to see and integrate 3000 years of Jewish history into the overall context of India. Iris and Howard plan every detail and oversee all aspects of your trip.


Read more about Iris and Howard.

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